Custom Bakery

  • There is a $20 non-refundable fee for cake and cupcake consultations due at the time of booking your appointment
  • There is a $35 fee for dessert bar or specialty diet consultations due at the time of booking your appointment
  • We schedule consultations for Sundays between 1pm and 4pm, and Tuesdays between noon and 4pm

Consultations and Tastings both include your choice of 6 cake flavors and 6 filling flavors,

as well as our 3 icing flavors. You can select your flavors from our website: Flavor Options 

We do it mix-and-match style so, for example,

you can try your chocolate cake with all 6 fillings to find your favorite combination!

We suggest scheduling your tasting or design consultation 9 months to one year before your wedding date to ensure the best chances of availability with us for your date.

Please make sure you have the following things decided PRIOR to making the appointment with us:

Wedding date, venue, approximate guest count and servings desired, colors, general style

Cost and Scheduling

Cost and Scheduling

Design Consultations                      Tasting Boxes

Please fill out our contact form when you're ready to get something scheduled with us!

The link is here: Contact

  • Consultations are held at our store and typically take up to 45 minutes
  • We currently can only accommodate 2 people per appointment
  • Consultations are reserved for persons who are ordering 100+ servings​
  • There is a $10-$20 non-refundable fee for tasting boxes due two weeks prior to date of pick-up, or at time of booking if less than 2 weeks notice is given
  • Tasting boxes are ordered ahead of time so you can pick you flavors
  • Tasting boxes work well if you already know your design and/or are planning on something straightforward like cupcakes or sheet cakes
  • They can be picked up from our store during any normal business hours

The Thirsty Whale

Save the Date!

We do have limited space on our calendar for weddings - we're still pretty small so we do book up during wedding season.

If you don't want The Thirsty Whale to be the one who got away, we do offer a non-refundable $75 deposit to hold your wedding date that gets applied to your wedding total. Ask us if you have any questions about this!