-COVID-19 Pandemic-

Thirsty Whale FAQ

What steps have you taken at the bakery to reduce risk of infection?

We value our staff, clients, and loved ones. To do our part to stem the COVID-19 outbreak, Thirsty Whale Bakery is taking preventive measures to cut down on person to person contact. 

As of Thursday 3.12.2020 Thirsty Whale Bakery is a cash free location until further notice. With this new policy in place, we are able to eliminate person to person contact for almost every person who comes into our bakery. In addition to this new NO CASH policy we are also taking the following actions:

-Hourly sanitation of our front end counter space 

-Our staff’s already rigorous hand washing policy is being doubled 

-We are temporarily not accepting tips to cut down on screen touching

Has any staff at the bakery fallen ill with the virus?

All staff members are healthy! If a staff member is feeling ill they have been notified to stay home from the bakery for a 2 week self quarantine, or until healthy again. All staff are required to inform management if diagnosed with the virus.

My event or party is being cancelled due to the virus. Can I have a refund for my order or postpone my order to a later date?

Unfortunately your order is non refundable, per the policy noted at the bottom of your order invoice. If you need your desserts for a later date, one option is to pick up your order as scheduled and freeze it at home (see FAQ 4 for more details on this). Should you choose to cancel your current order and place a new one for the revised date, the new order will need to be paid for again.

We truly wish we could do more, but in these trying times it will be impossible for us to survive as a small business unless we stick to our no refunds policy. Seven families count on income from our bakery and we intend to do our very best to continue that! We also want to be sure that we’re handling this situation as fairly as possible, and since we as a business cannot reschedule or refund ALL orders & remain open and successful, this policy applies to ALL orders, with no acceptions.  Again, we genuinely apologize and appreciate your understanding.

Those of you who choose to cancel, please know that we are keeping a record of names and contact information for every client with a cancelation. We are aware that there has been talk of government support coming to small businesses. If this DOES happen, and if after covering our staff members we are able to offer any sort of credit, we will absolutely be doing so.

If my event is postponed can I freeze my desserts?

You certainly can! Most of our desserts will hold up just fine in the freezer (though some thaw better than others, for example cake freezes much better than donuts). Use these pointers to have the most success:

-Always freeze desserts on a level surface

-Freeze desserts airtight. This can mean transferring desserts to tupperware OR saran wrapping the boxes well!!  You can also feel free to request to have your boxes bagged by the bakery at no extra cost.

-For cakes, remove any fondant 3D pieces from the cake before freezing, these should be stored in a dark dry location. Feel free to request a box for storage from the bakery!

-When thawing desserts, be sure to move them from the freezer to the fridge to thaw rather than letting them thaw at room temperature.