Glazed - Your standard raised, glazed donut.  A classic crowd pleaser and one of our most popular picks. $1

Iced - Raised donuts with white, chocolate, maple, or colored icing. Available with or without sprinkles. $1

Long John - Available with maple, chocolate, white, or colored icing.  Also, with or without sprinkles. $1

F-Bomb - Short for FUDGE bomb, of course! A chocolate long john with fudgy filling, chocolate icing and chocolate drizzle. $2.50

Lady Finger - A crecent shaped donut, sliced and filled with a fluffy cream filling, and topped with powdered sugar. $3

Danish - A light flaky "8" shaped crust filled in two places with various fruit flavors and cream cheese. $2.50

Fruity Pebbles - Combine two childhood favorites with this white frosted donut covered in Fruity Pebbles cereal. $3

Persian - A fried Cinnamon Roll at it’s finest! Our Persian comes covered in cream cheese and drizzled in chocolate, or covered in German Chocolate and drizzled with chocolate! $2

Malibu - Our bright pink and blue donut named for a friend right here in North! A lemon filled bismark with raspberry icing and a signature blue drizzle. $2.50

NoMi - A glazed long john drizzled in sections of 7 different icing flavors! $2.50

Custard Bismark - This classic is filled with custard and iced with chocolate. $1.50

Raspberry Bismark - Another popular classic, raspberry filling and white frosting. $1.50

Cake Donuts - Available plain, iced, sugared or cinnamon sugared. $1

Classic Old Fashioned - That classic sour cream donut made either plain, glazed, or drizzled with icing. $1

Lemon Poppy Seed Old Fashioned - Our lemon poppyseed comes glazed and delicious. $1

The Elvis - a banana custard filled, peanut butter iced, and chocolate drizzled bismark that is sure to leave you feeling...All Shook Up! $2.50

Churro Bismark - A cream cheese filled bismark that's rolled in cinnamon sugar $2.50

Cherry Cheesecake Bismark - This one is loaded with cream cheese and cherry filling, then topped with powdered sugar $3

The Samoa - a raised donut, caramel iced, covered in toasted coconut and drizzled in chocolate $2.50

​Turtle Long John - A chocolate long john, covered with a caramel icing, sprinkled with pecans, and drizzled in chocolate. $3

​Maple Bacon - a long john iced in maple and covered in savory bacon pieces $2

Dutch Apple - A glazed bismark, filled with apple, drizzled with caramel and dusted with brown sugar. 

S’mores Honeymooners - A chocolate donut with a marshmallowy center, chocolate icing, graham pieces, and finished with a chocolate drizzle. 

Resee’s Bomb - A chocolate bismark filled with peanut butter fluff, iced with chocolate and topped with Reese's crumbles. 

York Peppermint Patty - A chocolate bismark filled with a smooth minty fluff, iced with chocolate and topped with a mini York! 

Rolo Bismark - A chocolate bismark with a caramelly filling, iced in chocolate, drizzled in chocolate and topped with Rolo pieces. 

Oreo Bomb - A chocolate bismark filled with a cookies and cream fluff, chocolate iced and topped with Oreo pieces!

Guess Who? - A chocolate bismark filled with a light fluffy filling and iced in chocolate with white icing swirls. 

Butterfinger Bomb - A chocolate bismark filled with a butterfinger flavored fluff, iced with chocolate and topped with Butterfinger pieces. 

Everyday Donut Flavors

Custom Bakery

A Few of Our  $3  Baker's Specials!


The Thirsty Whale

Drool-worthy flavors are our goal! Make sure to check out Our Facebook Page for the daily Baker's Special, and stop in often to try them all. Remember, you can start an order for donuts with a 24 hour notice,

and specialty flavors can be made for orders of 12 or more.