Gluten Free, Vegan and Allergy Options

Gluten Free

Most of our cakes and cookies can all be made gluten free, but there is an up-charge - those ingredients, as many of you know, are quite a bit more expensive!

We do not make carrot or red velvet and do not make our cookies and cream filling in a gluten free option.
We do NOT make gluten free donuts, mostly because we only have one fryer, and the contamination would be nearly impossible to avoid.

Dairy Free

We can make any cake flavors dairy-free besides carrot-cake. However, the mousse fillings are not available.


For vegan options, most flavors are available in cookies only, NO donuts and NO cake options are available at this time. 

Allergy Concerns

The most common allergy we come across is a nut or tree nut allergy. While we can make those orders with care and clean our surfaces before handling that order, we can never guarantee 100% that the order will never come in contact with nuts. 

Also, our chocolate buttercream, chocolate whip, bailey's mousse, ganache, and fudge fillings are NOT nut allergy friendly because they contain hazelnut. We can make them with cocoa instead upon request.

If you have questions, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask us!