Cotton Candy

Cotton candy flavored cake with cotton candy flavored pink and blue icing, topped with pearls.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

A chocolate chip cake, filled with vanilla buttercream and topped with eggless cookie dough and a ganache drizzle.

Blue Ribbon Apple Pie

Cinnamon Cake filled with a caramel apple filling, iced in caramel buttercream to look like America's favorite dessert!

Strawberry Milk Shake
A strawberry malt cupcakes, filled with strawberry mousse, topped with whip cream and a cherry!

24 Karat
Our pecan carrot cake, filled with cream cheese, Iced in cream cheese and a gold glitter top.

Extra Innings
A white cupcake, filled with blue whipped cream and iced to look like those baseballs the Twins keep hitting outta the park!

Baker's Special Donuts

August 14-18, 2019

Maple Crunch

​A fried cinnamon roll topped with maple and a delicious nut crunch topping! Kyle's Favorite!

Strawberry Pineapple Bismark


Peaches & Cream

A peach filled bismark, iced in cream cheese.

Take 5

Chunky Peanut butter fluff filled bismark, iced in caramel and topped with crushed pretzels.

F- Bomb

Short for FUDGE bomb, of course! A chocolate long john with fudgy filling, chocolate icing and chocolate drizzle.

We do our best to stick to our plans, but these are subject to change without notice, and are available in limited quantities!

​Case Cupcake Flavors

August 14-18, 2019