Megan is a 25 year old graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and has been working as a professional, award winning Pastry Chef for several years. You may have seen her work in Minnesota Bride or American Decorator. She specializes in extreme custom cakes (think 3D dragon climbing up the side of a castle - she literally did that once... check out the gallery).  If you can dream it, Meg will find a way to make it. And it will taste delicious, too!

As the co-founder of the Thirsty Whale, Megan is the creative energy that keeps the shop going. She's always looking for a new way to break the rules and push the limits. Our best advice? Order a cake and let her take some creative liberties. You will not be disappointed!

In her free time, Meg likes spending time with her dog (Katie) and cats (Chyp and Kitters), going to concerts, hiking, and painting.

Aniela lives close by, and is currently working on her nutrition degree at the U of M. She's usually manning the front and working on keeping up on the dishes - but she's learning something new everyday with us - which I think is her favorite part!

When she's not working, Aniela plays Rugby for the U, hangs out with her family, and does as much good as she can around the neighborhood!

Amber is 26 years young and has been baking professionally for 4 years. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and is an award winning baker a few times over. Amber has been with the Fremont store since open, makes sure the kitchen runs smoothly and is always up for putting in extra weekend hours when we need her!

When Amber isn't whipping up pastries she loves hanging out with her dog George and kicking back to watch Sherlock and Harry Potter.


The Team






​Angela is a North Side resident and a donut slinging master during weekday mornings. She is always welcoming customers with her smile, greetings, and friendly conversation.

At home, she loves spending time with her husband and cats. She is a former art teacher, and loves to paint and bake when she finds time!

Brandi is a dental assistant during the week, but loves us so much she just can't leave ;) She spends most of her time at work running around to support and help everyone else in the bakery...and we are SO thankful for that!

When she does take a minute to stay home, Brandi LOVES spending time with her two sibling labs - Hank and Ruby, reading, and catching up on Grey's Anatomy.



While you are sleeping, these guys are preparing breakfast for the office! As some of you know, working overnight is not an easy task, but these guys are working it to turn out the best donuts in the state!

​​Ryan has been with us from a few short weeks after the opening of our Fremont store. When Ryan is done lifting heavy stuff at work, he hits the gym for another round - he's gotta get that workout in! He's always working up something new to try at the store, and striving to learn more. If you've got a favorite Baker's Special, this is the guy you can thank!

As Kyle's older sister, Jen is getting a kick out of working for her little brother and Megan! She had worked at a commercial bakery, in retail store management, and as a math teacher for ten years. She's never backed down from a challenge - and when the bakery said they would have her - she jumped on board. 

Kyle has been in the industry for 10 years now and has pretty much done it all.  He started out making donuts and has since worked as a cook, a baker, a decorator (Megan's apprentice, in fact!), and even a bakery manager.  You could say he's a jack of all trades.

Kyle has always been the donut man and general "get shit done" guy at the Thirsty Whale. He lifts heavy stuff and keeps everyone on track.  Because he can pretty much do it all, you'll probably see him doing something different every day!

In his free time Kyle enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his new wife Megan and their pets, getting tattoos by Metal Mike at Nokomis Tattoo, and taking naps.