So why "The Thirsty Whale", you might ask. Funny story.

Once upon a time, Megan was on her annual "girls trip" with her sister, mom and grandma. This one was a Caribbean cruise.

When their ship pulled into port in Belize City, the ladies ventured out into the blistering Caribbean sun for some shopping and touristy stuff. After a few hours the heat got to be too much and they decided to take a break. They happened upon a lovely little open air bar called The Wet Lizard and spent the afternoon enjoying some daquiris and calamari. 

Later that day, back on the ship, the daquiris kicked in!  Mom danced on the bed singing Bruce Springstein songs and Grandma rolled on the bed kicking her legs in the air.  They both raved about how great the bar had been and insisted they should return someday.  But, what was it called?  The Thirsty Lizard?  The Wet Whale? No no... The Thirsty Whale!

So thanks, Grandma.  And shout out to The Wet Lizard in Belize.

What's with the Name?